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Plumbing is one of the most crucial systems in your home. When there are issues with your plumbing system, you need to consult a professional plumber. But do you know that a majority of the plumbing problems can be easily prevented? A vast majority of plumbing issues are caused by bad habits.

For instance, if you are experiencing a blocked drain Sutherland, there are ways you could have prevented it. On the other hand, many also tend to ignore the network of plumbing systems inside the walls, which provides hot and cold water. Here are the top five effective ways by which you can prevent plumbing issues.

Be Careful with DIY Cleaners

In the last few decades, a vast majority of people have been using DIY cleaners. While DIY cleaners may seem like practical solutions, they can cause more damage. In most cases, people overuse them, which can be harmful to the plumbing systems in your home. Always remember that the cleaners are designed to eliminate the stuck-on debris in your pipes. And if there is no dirt or debris to remove, these chemicals can actually damage and corrode your pipes. Usually, DIY cleaners are highly corrosive in nature. They can cause leaks in your home’s plumbing systems.

Never pour Grease down the Sewers

Grease is another leading reason for the clogging of the drains. Usually, it seems that grease will just wash away by flushing water. However, that is not the case. In reality, grease sticks to the sides of the pipe like glue. Moreover, grease, when flushed down the sewer pipes, takes the form of bumps. Every bump present along the side of your pipe can cause blockage. So if you are noticing a gradual decrease in the overall flow of the water, the main culprit may be grease. Hence, refrain from disposing of grease down the sewer pipes.

Maintain the Overall Cleanliness of the Drains

One of the most common issues for which you require a plumber is clogged drains. Undoubtedly, clogged drains are a menace to your home’s overall hygiene. But you can avoid clogged drains by maintaining them properly. For instance, you can appoint a plumber Epping to ensure that your drains are clean. Unfortunately, even smaller debris over time can block the drains. So ensure that you consult professional plumbers to clean the drains in your home.

Don’t flush Wipes

Usually, we tend to flush wipes down the sewer. But if you want to prevent a major blockage, then don’t flush wipes. This is because wipes are designed to break down in the sewer pipes when immersed in water. However, this process is pretty slow. In other words, flushing a lot of pipes can cause major clogs.

Solve Minor Plumbing Issues Sooner

If you want to avoid major plumbing problems, always fix the minor issues timely. Little problems like small leaks and blockages can cause major issues. If you don’t solve these problems on time, then they will be expensive to fix.


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