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Measured per unit of energy, gas is far less expensive than electricity. For some individuals living without a gas supply, electricity is their solitary alternative, but they do not have any idea how much a new gas connection would cost. When it comes to sorting out a new gas supply or installing a new gas meter, you have to know what you are doing – and there is surely a lot to do. Gas connection procedures usually involve two steps – installing a service line from the street gas main to your property, and after that installing your gas meter.

Numerous homes have a gas main in their street. If so, it is a simple procedure for a specialized team to connect natural gas to your property. The connection runs from the gas main to your property, where a gas fitter will install a gas outlet and then connect it to your appliances. Your gas meter is used to precisely measure the volume of gas you use and to securely control gas flow. A gas meter reading will then be taken at frequent intervals (normally, every quarter) to guarantee accurate billing. Your meter location will be based on various factors.

If you need gas to be connected with your household, you need your very own project team to look after the whole process for you. With their expert help and inside-out knowledge of what’s needed from start to finish, a project team for your gas connection requirements will talk you through what is needed, establish a plan and explain how to get started.

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