Almost every person will have dealt with some form of blocked drain issue at some time or the other. These problems can be quite troublesome, and it’s challenging to deal with overflowing drains or backed up drains. But this can also pose a health risk and damage various features on a property.

However, what most people don’t realise is that drain blockages rarely arise all of a sudden. The dirt, debris, soap and grease build-up can cause severe clogs, Tree roots, a collapse in underground drain pipes etc. are some of the other things that can cause blockages to build up over time.

It’s because most people tend to ignore these signs that the problem ultimately gets out of hand and very difficult to handle. We at Abco Plumbing Solutions offer high-quality Plumber in St George services and cater to residential, commercial and industrial clients.

The Causes

Let’s look at what causes drains to block in the first place:

  • Tree Roots – This is a common drainage issue. Tree roots in the landscape sometimes grow into the pipes through cracks and begin to feed on the water and other nutrients and ultimately grow so tangled; they form a block.
  • Small Objects – Toilet paper, sanitary products, toilet deodorant holders, flushable baby wipes, and more find their way into drain pipes, which can end up creating blockages as they can get caught in the bends and joints in the drainpipes.
  • Pipes Collapse- Sometimes, the drain pipes become misaligned due to natural ground pressure, and they collapse because of external forces. These effects could also be a result of drought or heavy rains.
  • Poor Drainage System Installation- Improper installation or the use of inferior quality materials in the plumbing installation can also cause damage in the system resulting in blockages.

No matter what the cause of the blockage is, you must get it fixed on time. It also means you need to be aware of the common signs of blockages and call Blocked Drain St George & Sutherland Plumber to fix the clogs.

Blocked drain cause

Early Warning Signs of Blocked Drains

While there are several causes of blocked drainage pipe, there are also several early warning signs which can help identify whenever there is an issue, some of these include:

  • You hear gurgling sounds, after flushing the toilet. These could come from the shower, bath, sink or shower that displaces the air trapped in the drainage system.
  • The water in the toilet, sink/bath drains too slowly or rises much higher than usual.
  • The water level in the toilets drops lower than usual, which indicates the water is being siphoned out of the pan, and there might be a severe block further down the system.
  • Bad smells and internal venting are caused by water getting displaced in the sink traps or bath traps.
  • A blocked drain can cause leakages in the subfloors and result in foul smells in various areas of the house.

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