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A pipe locator gives a sheltered and compelling approach to check walls, ceilings, floors and underground for disguised pipes prior to renovation, destruction or digging. A pipe locator uses conductive or inductive methods to find hidden pipes with a high level of accuracy. For example, a conductive pipe locator may be used to apply a tracing signal to a coated metallic pipeĀ at an access point such as a valve or meter. For the return of the signal path to the transmitter may pass through a ground stake or building grounding system. A conductive pipe locator also may be utilized to find tracer wires buried underground with non-metallic pipes.

Pipe locator technology, which is composed of both a transmitter and hand-held receiver, can be a method for locating underground utilities. Pipe locating technology can determine the location and depth of almost all types of underground utilities. Pipe locator is also equipment that is portable and easy to handle. The component parts of the technology are low cost enough to be purchased by small contractors or issued on a large scale by regional or national organizations. However, pipe locating technology has some limitations, including not being able to locate non-metallic or non-conductive utilities (unless there is access to snake them or a tracer wire is wrapped around them) as well as not being able to function on sites where there are too many utilities.

When you have to find a pipe or utility cable underground, utility location equipment will enable you to discover it easier and faster. Underground utility location tools like pipe locator are designed to withstand the rigors of tough daily field use and a wide range of environmental conditions.


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